New and bright penthouse with 5 rooms with an amazing view in Tel Aviv

Nofei Yam
510,00 м²

A new and bright penthouse with five rooms with a fantastic view in Tel Aviv, in an excellent location, furnished to a high standard.

$31 000

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How to rent a property in Israel?

For a comprehensive guide on renting a property in Israel, please click here.

1) Preparation
a. Clearly define your requirements, including the desired location, property type, size, and specific features.
b. Consider important factors such as access to public transportation, proximity to schools and amenities, community atmosphere, and local weather conditions.
c. Establish a budget that aligns with your financial capabilities and preferences.

2) Property Search
a. Work with your agent to compile a list of potential properties to visit that meet your criteria.
b. Conduct a thorough assessment of the total costs and expenses associated with each property, taking into account all relevant fees and taxes.
c. Consider factors such as agent fees, arnona (land tax), va'ad habayit (committee fees), and ongoing payments when evaluating the financial implications.

3) Contract Process
a. Request a copy of the contract in your native language or ensure that someone proficient in your language can explain each paragraph of the contract to you.
b. If your monthly rent exceeds 20,000 NIS, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to review the contract and provide legal guidance.
c. Keep in mind that not all agents possess sufficient legal knowledge to offer comprehensive assistance, so seeking independent legal advice may be beneficial.
d. Once you are satisfied with the terms, sign the contract and fulfill the necessary payment and guarantee requirements.

4) Moving In
a. Ensure that the property is delivered to you in the condition specified in the contract, including any agreed-upon furnishings or amenities.
b. Transfer utility bills, such as electricity, gas, water, and arnona, into your name to ensure proper billing and responsibility.
c. Establish communication with the va'ad (residents' committee) to facilitate timely and accurate payment of any communal expenses.

Renting a property in Israel involves careful consideration of your needs, thorough evaluation of the costs, and diligent attention to the contractual and moving processes. By following the steps described in the full guide and seeking professional guidance, you can navigate the rental market with confidence.

Can a foreigner rent a property in Israel?

Certainly! Non-Jewish foreigners and non-residents are eligible to rent properties in Israel. In order to meet the landlords' requirements, it is usually necessary to have a bank account, a checkbook, and sometimes a guarantor in Israel.

What are the additional payments to consider?

In addition to the monthly rent, there are several additional payments to consider:

1) One-time payments:
a. Agent fee: Typically equivalent to one month's rent plus VAT (17%).
b. Contract translation: Approximately 200-500 NIS, depending on factors such as contract size, language, urgency, etc.
c. Lawyer fee: Approximately 500-2000 NIS.

2) Ongoing payments:
a. Arnona (land tax): Approximately 400-500 NIS per month for an average 4-room apartment. The amount may vary based on the property's size and location.
b. Va'ad habayit (tenants committee): Approximately 300-350 NIS per month for an average building with an elevator. In luxurious buildings with extensive facilities, the cost can be several thousand shekels per month.
c. Utilities (gas, electricity, water): Approximately 600-700 NIS per month for a family of four. Actual costs may vary depending on usage (mainly A/C) and the number of occupants.

It's important to take these additional payments into account when budgeting for a rental property in Israel.

Is early termination of the lease contract possible?

In general, yes.

If your contract includes a clause regarding early termination, you will need to provide the landlord with a 60-day notice before leaving the property.

Alternatively, you can advertise the property and find a suitable tenant who meets the same requirements and guarantees and can assume your position in the contract (subject to the landlord's approval of the new tenant).

Can I hire a property manager for my rented apartment?

Certainly! Our property management services are available for personal use apartments as well. You can find more information about it here.

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