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Luxury project in Tel Aviv port
$4 700 000 — 5 950 000
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New luxury project in Old Jaffa
$3 152 000
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New luxurious villas complex in Herzliya Pituach
From $4 350 000
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Last duplex for immediate entrance! Completely furnished. Haifa
$1 050 000
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Stunning project in Hadera with a breathtaking sea view
From $999 000
Property photo
New project in Bat Yam by the light rail
From $750 000
Property photo
Look at this sea view! First line in Netanya
$1 600 000 — 2 750 000
Property photo
New luxurious project in Sarona! TA
$1 354 000 — 2 320 000
Property photo
New project in Hazafon Hachadash, TA
$2 026 000

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Welcome to Sabras –your local guide to real estate in Israel

We're not your average real estate company. We're here to turn your dream of owning a piece of Israel into a reality, all while having a great time along the way!

At Sabras, we understand that buying property in a foreign country can be a daunting task. But fear not! We're here to make the process as smooth as hummus on a fresh pita. Our mission is simple: to be your trusted partner and guide throughout the entire journey of purchasing real estate in Israel.


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Jason & Janice R.
"Clearly among the best..."
I have quite a bit of experience with real estate agents and Arthur is clearly among the best I have ever worked with. He went over the top, even knocking on doors to solve problems and find the perfect home for our family. He works very hard for his clients and is upstanding, ethical and extremely fair. He saved us a lot of money during the negotiations too! If you are on the fence about whether it is worth it to hire a real estate agent, I strongly suggest you get off that fence and hire Arthur. You won’t be disappointed!
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Meir F.
"Extremely professional..."
Arthur is extremely professional, well intended and considerate real estate broker. He didn't measure efforts to understand the real estate I was looking for. I would definitely search for him at any future real estate deal. Todá Rabá Arthur
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Michael & Olga N.
"True professional in his field..."
Let us express the gratitude! As new olim, we move to Israel with a big family. It was difficult to understand and make a decision when choosing a place to live. Arthur helped, suggested and explained everything, so we could choose the best one. We are very grateful to Arthur for his work. He is a true professional in his field. We recommend BHII to everyone! You will not regret it!
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Yoni L.
Arthur was incredible. He searched for apartments diligently and negotiated both the payment plan and the purchase of the apartment.
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How to buy property in Israel?

For a comprehensive guide on purchasing property in Israel, please click here.

1) Preparing:
   a. Determine your budget.
   b. Consider obtaining a mortgage.
   c. Identify preferred areas, cities, or moshavim.
   d. Take into account factors such as weather, schools, community, and public transportation.

2) Search:
   a. Create a list of properties to visit with your agent.
   b. Calculate the final cost of the property, including all fees and taxes.
   c. Consider factors like land tax (arnona) and maintenance fees (va'ad habayit).

3) Contract:
   a. Engage a real estate lawyer to protect your interests. Consult with your realtor for recommendations.
      * It is crucial to have a lawyer specializing in real estate matters.
   b. Ensure agreement on the payment schedule and delivery dates.
      * Note that the developer may have a two-month grace period for delivery.
   c. Sign the contract and proceed with payment and/or mortgage transfer.
   d. Congratulations! You are now a property owner in Israel.

Generally, the process of purchasing property in Israel becomes less complicated with the support of experienced professionals such as brokers and lawyers. By finding a reliable real estate agent, you can navigate the entire process smoothly.

Can a foreigner buy and own a property in Israel?

Certainly! Non-citizens, foreigners, and non-Jews are indeed allowed to purchase and own property in Israel. In general, foreign buyers can acquire real estate situated on private land, which accounts for approximately 7% of Israel's total land. However, it's important to note that there are exceptions and strategies available to overcome any potential obstacles.

How much does an apartment cost in Israel?

Real estate prices in Israel exhibit significant variation, primarily influenced by the property's location. On average, the cost of a property in Israel ranges between 1.7 to 1.8 million NIS (approximately 500,000 USD).

Can I buy a property in Israel before making Aliyah?

Certainly! It is possible to buy property in Israel even before making Aliyah, and you can do it remotely. We recommend consulting with a real estate broker who can guide you on the most efficient process.

How to save money buying real estate in Israel?

The most effective method to save money is by engaging a trustworthy and professional real estate agent. They will not only save you valuable time and money but also ensure that all your needs are met.

Are you ready to start? Get in touch with us and start saving shekels today.

Do I need a real estate agent to buy a property in Israel?

While it is not a requirement, it is highly recommended. A reliable real estate agent can assist you in saving time, energy, and money, guiding you through each stage of the process.
Embarking on this journey alone can be risky, as even a minor mistake could result in significant delays and financial setbacks.

To discover the advantages of our services, please read our "About Us" section or reach out to us using the contact information provided. We are here to help you maximize your benefits.

How to rent a property in Israel?

For a comprehensive guide on renting a property in Israel, please click here.

1) Preparation
a. Clearly define your requirements, including the desired location, property type, size, and specific features.
b. Consider important factors such as access to public transportation, proximity to schools and amenities, community atmosphere, and local weather conditions.
c. Establish a budget that aligns with your financial capabilities and preferences.

2) Property Search
a. Work with your agent to compile a list of potential properties to visit that meet your criteria.
b. Conduct a thorough assessment of the total costs and expenses associated with each property, taking into account all relevant fees and taxes.
c. Consider factors such as agent fees, arnona (land tax), va'ad habayit (committee fees), and ongoing payments when evaluating the financial implications.

3) Contract Process
a. Request a copy of the contract in your native language or ensure that someone proficient in your language can explain each paragraph of the contract to you.
b. If your monthly rent exceeds 20,000 NIS, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to review the contract and provide legal guidance.
c. Keep in mind that not all agents possess sufficient legal knowledge to offer comprehensive assistance, so seeking independent legal advice may be beneficial.
d. Once you are satisfied with the terms, sign the contract and fulfill the necessary payment and guarantee requirements.

4) Moving In
a. Ensure that the property is delivered to you in the condition specified in the contract, including any agreed-upon furnishings or amenities.
b. Transfer utility bills, such as electricity, gas, water, and arnona, into your name to ensure proper billing and responsibility.
c. Establish communication with the va'ad (residents' committee) to facilitate timely and accurate payment of any communal expenses.

Renting a property in Israel involves careful consideration of your needs, thorough evaluation of the costs, and diligent attention to the contractual and moving processes. By following the steps described in the full guide and seeking professional guidance, you can navigate the rental market with confidence.

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